Leaner Fertile You Program™

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Leaner Fertile You Program™




The Leaner More Fertile You Solution is a fully personalized, fertility weight management program . The eight week program is delivered online by fertility specialist Gabriela Rosa, via video, audio, transcript and live webinars and is available to couples all over the world.

There will be opportunity for daily live interaction and touch points with fellow peers and bi-weekly group sessions with Gabriela for extra accountability, support and motivation. This fully personalised online program is for you if:

  • You and/or your partner (living anywhere in the world) who need(s) to lose weight, and/or your partner (living anywhere in the world) who need(s) to lose weight fast, healthily and permanently in order to optimise your fertility and increase your chances of creating a healthy baby—naturally or through assisted reproductive methods (if absolutely necessary);
  • You have been refused fertility treatment until you “go away and lose some weight”;
  • You feel like you’re running out of time and need to lose weight quickly before you miss out completely on your chance of having a baby;
  • You have any health condition that makes it more difficult for you to lose weight (e.g. hormonal imbalances, PCOS, diabetes, insulin resistance, thyroid problems or others);
  • You feel as if you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked;
  • You’re sick of the traditional, slow, non-holistic solutions for weight management that focus solely on “diet and exercise” which never seem to deliver lasting results;
  • You’re tired of going around in circles and are ready to work on permanently shifting your mindset and healing your relationship with food and weight – forever;
  • You want straight forward, effective and practical solutions because you don’t have all the time in the world to exercise or spend hours in the kitchen;
  • You know that the wrong mindset and your tendency to self-sabotage play a huge part in why you have not yet achieved your goals;
  • You dearly want to be a mum (or dad) and you know (or even have the slightest suspicion) that excess weight is standing in the way;

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