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Why am I not pregnant?

What is getting in the way of carrying a healthy pregnancy to term?

When will I ever hold my baby?

If you are anything like the patients I have helped overcome infertility and miscarriage since 2001, I am sure you would have asked yourself these questions (probably incessantly).

For the first time, outside of The Fertility Breakthrough Program ™ (FBP), which has been shown to have a 78.8% live birth rate, I am making available to patients the effective diagnostic process we use in my highly successful program.

Through our program’s effectiveness, I have demonstrated that highly effective fertility treatment begins with a thorough and complete diagnosis of the problem. Despite the repeated requests over the years to make our diagnostic expertise accessible to a broader patient population, we have kept it available only for FBP patients until now.

I am pleased to introduce The Fertility Breakthrough Diagnostic™.

It is a brand new avenue to finally get the answers you seek about what is getting in the way of getting pregnant and keeping a healthy pregnancy to term, and holding the healthy baby of your dreams in your arms. No matter the challenges you may have faced up until now.

I know that in our clinic, we help couples overcome infertility, fertilization and implantation failure, chemical pregnancies, and recurrent miscarriages even when other treatments have failed.

But it all starts with understanding the obstacles causing these issues, and hence The Fertility Breakthrough Diagnostic™ is born.

If you would like to have a conversation about your fertility situation and understand if this step would be a viable option for you, schedule a 10-minute complimentary consultation with me here.

I will be delighted to have a conversation and help you find the best path for you on or off this program.

With love,


Gabriela Rosa
Founder, Clinical Researcher & Fertility Specialist
Harvard University Awarded Scholar

AUS 1300 858 490
INT +61 2 8074 3939
USA +1 (646) 461-4061
UK +44 20 3871 8494

E info@naturalfertilitybreakthrough.com

About Gabriela Rosa | MPH (CLE), MScM (RHHG), BHSc (ND)
Founder, Clinical Researcher, Fertility Specialist & Harvard University Awarded Scholar

Gabriela Rosa is a world-renowned fertility specialist, and the founder and clinical director of the Rosa Institute—an organisation dedicated to helping couples create healthy babies, despite previous reproductive challenges.

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