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Very often when couples experience fertility difficulties, they go straight to IVF which often ends up failing because they are simply not aware of the best fertility option available to them and as a result important issues aren’t addressed.
I believe this happens because deep down, most people view fertility in a very simplistic manner, to be honest this even applies to some fertility specialists.

Of course, we all want the easy solution, the magic bullet or the pill, or the button that you press to make it all work. But unfortunately in my experience, fertility and overcoming fertility challenges doesn’t usually work that way.

The reason that you haven’t yet conceived or have been able to keep a healthy pregnancy to term is that your personal fertility is founded upon a matrix of reasons – a combination of minor and major factors – that impact a couple’s ability to get pregnant and create the baby of their dream.

As I share with you guys during the Fertility Challenge, minor abnormalities are often dismissed on the basis that everything can be bypassed by science. Such a narrow outlook prevents people from undertaking the type of transformation that many couples need to succeed.

Please don’t take this the wrong way, though.

There are some absolutely incredible holistic and integrative IVF specialists out there in the world, some of which are my first point of referral when I’m treating a couple in different countries, when I believe they need this form of treatment. Yet the sad truth is that such medical professionals are few and far between.

Many couples embark on IVF before knowing that there are other ways, other things that they can do, and sometimes a better way of going about things. That’s really what’s important, I think, to keep in mind.

Most of the time when people want that simple answer or that simple solution to overcome infertility or overcome miscarriages, they just want to know that, “Okay, I’m going to go to IVF and it will be fine, or take this nutrient, or this herb, or do this massage or this yoga or whatever.”

There’s a problem with this innocent yet dangerous desire for a simple answers because generally speaking, while most people want to do the best that they can to help themselves, and to overcome their fertility challenges too often they end up falling into the following self-made trap.

What happens is this…

People do some research online and subsequently end up doing a whole lot of things.

One expert says you should take maca for fertility. Another to take Amazonian monkey pee for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. While leading advice from other experts advises that what you really need is to connect with your spirit baby. Or that Chinese herbs and Eastern medicine is really the best approach.

X is what’s going to get you pregnant. Y is going to be the most important thing for you.  Z is assured to work.

Sound familiar?

It’s no surprise people become confused, and overwhelmed with information. So much of it conflicting that in the end you don’t know who to trust but just in case any of it could actually be true, you end up doing a whole lot of different things.

Unfortunately a whole lot of different, ultimately disjointed efforts prove ineffective and you’re left wondering, “Hang on a second. Why am I still not pregnant?” .

Unfortunately couples end up going around in circles so that over time the journey becomes marred with sadness, sometimes bitterness and too often an unwillingness to try anything new because nothing has worked, yet.

Doubts linger as to whether you’ve really given XYZ strategies the time or chance that it may need in order to work and so people begin to feel hopeless, helpless and exasperated about ever discovering a different result.

When in fact the major issue in my professional experience is that all the minor little factors get compounded…

This article is extracted from a Live Peak Fertility Webinar session with Gabriela Rosa offered free during the #FertilityChallenge.

I’m Sorry To Say But I Do Agree With Eleanor To A Degree. I Am Veteran In The Ivf World.