How do our patients create fertility breakthroughs to overcome infertility and miscarriage when other treatments have failed

In a special online live event, Harvard-awarded scholar, fertility specialist, and clinic founder and director Gabriela Rosa breaks down how despite long-standing fertility challenges, our patients take home healthy babies at a remarkable 78.8% live birth rate.

Along with understanding how you can take charge of your fertility and transform your results, you will discover how we have created exceptional results for our patients worldwide over the last 20 years as the first and leading telehealth-based fertility clinic.

Once you’ve discovered what you can start doing today, Gabriela is offering FREE, 10-minute, one-on-one conversations where couples can have their high-priority concerns about their unique fertility case addressed.

In ten minutes, Gabriela shares three key details about each pair’s unique fertility situation:

  1. Is there work to be done?
  2. Is it work we can do?
  3. Have we done it before in a similar set of circumstances?

It can be a life-changing moment of utter clarity.

In the video, Gabriela also shares some groundbreaking news that has been in the works for 7 years. All those years ago, we started working towards one of our biggest, most revolutionary goals yet – creating a predictive tool that can accurately provide answers to fertility treatment outcomes before couples ever pursue those routes.

We knew it was ambitious. 

And since something like this doesn’t exist anywhere in the world, we knew we were going to build something that would change the fertility treatment landscape for people who have been trying to take home the healthy baby of their dreams without success.

With the help of the experiences and outcomes of our entire patient cohort in The Fertility Breakthrough Program™ and a scientifically-backed, artificial-intelligence based model, our scientific research team has created that tool. 

It’s the Predictive Fertility Assessment. 

It determines a couple’s chances of fertility treatment success with 95% accuracy. 

That’s unheard of anywhere in the world.

Now, for only $49AUD, you can start rewriting your fertility story with all the certainty and none of the unknowns.


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