Fertility Expert Reveals How To Get Pregnant and Take Home a Healthy Baby, Even When Other Treatments Have Failed

After 19 (nineteen) failed IVF cycles, Lauren and Jacob were emotionally shattered.

Despite this, neither of them was ready to give up on their dream of having a baby. They also weren’t ready to use a donor egg. But most importantly, they weren’t prepared to go through their 20th heartbreak. Deep down they knew there had to be some other way. There just HAD to be.

At 39, Lauren was petrified that their dream of having a family naturally would never become a reality. At times she was immobilised by fear of the future. She had already given – and lost so much – in pursuit of a baby and it all seemed in vain.

Even though Jacob didn’t say it to her face, (he needed to be the strong one and couldn’t bear to upset her even more), he secretly wished that little voice calling out for ‘Dad’ was calling him. And that he’d be the one asked to kick the ball around or to dress up the favourite doll. The yearning, the longing, the heartbreak, the disappointment: it was all there – even as he pushed it away by busying himself at work. That way he didn’t have to think about just how much it really hurt to lose this fight. Would he ever be a father?

Meanwhile, Lauren was tormented by the incessant question: ‘Will I ever have a baby?’ It was all she thought about all the time. Rather than giving her strength, the uncertainty of it consumed her every breath.

They had done everything their doctor had asked of them – and more. Yet nothing had worked. Were they just a ‘hopeless case’? Through the blurry haze of conflicting and incomplete advice ‘out there’, both Lauren and Jacob felt ill-equipped to separate fact from fiction It was impossible to piece together any cohesive strategy. And all the while they were running out of time….

Until… one day Lauren came across this in her Facebook feed:

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But this was the piece that sparked in Lauren a new thought… ‘Maybe, there was indeed more…’ If someone who had 17 years of heartbreak had a chance… maybe, just maybe, there was a chance for her as well….

So, Lauren decided to find out more and came across Gabriela’s free, educational program for couples struggling with infertility. She discovered over 30,000 people found their strength and took charge of their journey through this proven method. A high percentage of couples were taking home healthy babies—against all odds and after many previously failed attempts. That was enough information for Lauren and Jacob to decide they would give it a go. Together they took the challenge head on. They learnt so much.

Things they ‘should’ have known. Things their doctor should have checked to give them the best possible chance of IVF working, much before now.

But there was no point living in regret. This was one of Lauren’s greatest learnings throughout the program. She wanted to make sure she had done absolutely everything in her power to have a baby, so that she would never, ever wonder ‘what if…’. The ‘numbers game’ approach didn’t work, so now onto a fresh start.

Gabriela Rosa's F.E.R.T.I.L.E. Method®

When Lauren and Jacob found Gabriela Rosa’s F.E.R.T.I.L.E. Method® they immediately recognised her approach was comprehensive and bridged the gap between science and self-care in way they had never seen before

Underpinned by the 11 Pillars of Fertility, this unique approach provides the solid framework couples struggling with infertility need, to be certain they are leaving nothing to chance on their journey to parenthood.

Lauren and Jacob decided they wanted more. Above all they wanted to look back on their life, and know they had no regrets because they gave did everything they could

They decided to fully embrace the 7 step F.E.R.T.I.L.E. Method ® to reclaim their fertility and their ability to co-create life by healing their biochemistry and mind to direct their course through a proven process combining all of the following and more:

7 step F.E.R.T.I.L.E. Method

Despite 8 years of infertility, their fresh start on the journey was comprehensive and they were willing to commit and do what it took – through each one of the 7 stages:

  1. Fact-find – Step 1 was accomplished with the help of expertly trained practitioners, who helped guide Lauren and Jacob through a series of very specific physical, emotional and biochemical assessments to discover some of the minor and major factors keeping them infertile.

  2. Educate – This step involved completing an educational program to ensure their complete understanding of their day-to-day lifestyle, environment and dietary factors were implementated effectively. Enabling them to introduce self-care strategies to enhance their natural fertility, together with scientific and evidence-based steps to help them overcome infertility and create their healthy baby.

  3. Recommend – Thirdly, and only once the previous steps were completed, Lauren and Jacob were asked to implement specifically customised recommendations, supported by evidence-based scientific research, and targeted at the factors identified during their fact-finding stage
  4. Treat – This stage saw the implementation of a highly personalised treatment protocol to ensure their best possible result, in the fastest possible timeframe.

  5. Incubate – During this stage Lauren and Jacob were being fully supported by an expert team, who along with their very own important, daily contribution, to address as many physical, biochemical and emotional factors unearthed by their specialist team. And together they worked tirelessly in pursuit of the realisation of their dream.

  6. Liberate – As a couple Lauren and Jacob thrived in this step—learning, supporting and encouraging each other and being encouraged by the team diligently guiding them.

  7. End Result – F.E.R.T.I.L.E. And as every aspect of nature reinforces, the end of one cycle begins another and for Lauren and Jacob everything until was pivotal towards their end result…

They embarked upon their 20th cycle. But at this point, Lauren’s endometrium was not ready for a potential embryo transfer. So the doctor in charge their ART cycle decided to freeze the one embryo that made it to blastocyst stage and would attempt transfer in the next cycle.

They were devastated. They had been here many times before. After all their hard work, shouldn’t they have had more embryos to freeze. The team who cared for and prepared them for this cycle were reassuring. They reminded them that quality was more important than quantity.

So once again Lauren and Jacob took deep breaths and remained steadfast. They agreed to give Lauren’s body a full month to recover from the recent cycle and then in approximately 6 weeks’ time, they would try again.

Bfp Three Positive Pregnancy Tests

But Lauren and Jacob didn't make it that far...

Lauren and Jacob are now waiting to welcome their healthy baby girl in just over 3 months.

Lauren’s says it’s now really easy to see, why, until now a natural pregnancy eluded them.

There were too many ‘unasked’ and even more unanswered questions. The cumulative, negative impact of a number of seemingly “minor factors” that would never just disappear on their own – there was some serious work to be done and this proven and insightful approach was decidedly missing.

Can you imagine how Lauren and Jacob feel as they await the much-anticipated arrival of their beautiful daughter?

“Gabriela Rosa’s Fertility Challenge changed our lives in unimaginable ways”, Lauren smiles as she touches her growing belly. ‘I only wish we had found her sooner. My hope is that other couples who are struggling with their fertility don’t wait as long as we did.’

When dealing with infertility and/or recurrent miscarriage – ‘hoping’ will not give you the best possible chance of taking home a healthy baby.

Fresh eyes, a different perspective and a methodical approach may…

If you have been trying to conceive for over two years, have tried many different things and nothing has worked so far, this is a proven process that has helped many couples before you.