Did you know there are other parameters beyond the usual sperm count, motility and morphology that don’t show up in a standard semen analysis test that could also be stopping your partner’s sperm get you pregnant?

Did you know that even if you are told your semen analysis is normal – this could be a false interpretation of your real results and that there is still more you and your partner need to do to help take home the healthy baby of your dreams?

Even if you have been thinking IVF/ICSI is the next best step – this may actually be a totally wrong strategy if you don’t know what other sperm parameters you need to get checked out and/or how to optimise every single sperm health area that can get you closer to your desired outcome of a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Since sperm parameter issues are also responsible for 50% of the reason miscarriages occur – getting pregnant is only the first step on the journey to parenthood. And getting clarity about what you can do to stack the odds in your favour is what this upcoming episode of ‘Ask Gabriela Rosa Live’ is all about.

Fertility specialist, Gabriela Rosa will also separate fact from fiction and address the answer to these and other topical questions:

  • What do each of the sperm parameters mean?
  • Is ICSI/IVF the only option for abnormal sperm parameters?
  • Is there anything a man can do to improve his sperm quality?
  • Does the health of sperm matter if I have good ovarian reserve?
  • Are there any other investigations my (male) partner should do?
  • Is there anything my (male) partner should do prior to an ICSI/IVF cycle?
  • Are there particular supplements my (male) partner should be taking?
  • How long does it take for changes in sperm parameters to occur?
  • What lifestyle factors affect sperm health?
  • Who should we speak to to get the best possible guidance on our fertility journey?

If you are looking for answers and want to know exactly what you need to do to overcome infertility and miscarriage, even when other treatments have failed; or you want to hold your healthy baby in your arms sooner, join Gabriela Rosa this week as she dives into the topic of sperm health.