The Male Factor: 3 key strategies to improve sperm quality, address infertility and recurrent miscarriage

A man is 50% responsible for whether (or not) a couple is able to conceive and/or take a healthy pregnancy to term.

Not only the inability to affect conception is heavily mediated by sperm health and quality—implantation failure and recurrent miscarriages are 2.5 fold more likely to occur when sperm defects (hidden or acknowledged) are present.

At any point a couple experiences delayed time to conception or the inability to create a healthy baby—the male fertility factor is a crucial element, which must be addressed if a couple is to transform their results. A comprehensive and combined treatment approach encompassing both prospective parents becomes of even greater importance—especially when multiple treatments have failed (or whenever a couple wishes to avoid this fate).

Despite the incontestable facts surrounding the male contribution to the fertility equation, men are still under-screened, under-diagnosed and under-treated for the purpose of optimising sperm health and increasing a couple’s chances of overcoming reproductive challenges to take home a healthy baby.

In this episode of Ask Gabriela Rosa, you will gain immense clarity regarding what you and your partner can do to dramatically optimise ‘the male factor’ and your odds of creating a baby. Gabriela will share 3 key strategies you and your partner can implement now to help you start or complete your family.

If you ever wondered how much you can really impact sperm health parameters such as count, motility, morphology, DNA fragmentation and more – this event is for you.