Here at the Rosa Institute, the world’s first and leading telehealth-based fertility clinic, we deliver quality, effective, evidence-based, and personalized treatment leveraging every aspect of reproductive care to create the best possible results for our patients.

A typical query we receive is how our flagship Fertility Breakthrough Program™ differs from other fertility services. We’ve created a comparison breakdown so you can discover why couples and individuals on solo-reproductive journeys choose our redefined fertility treatment approach in almost every scenario.

The Fertility Breakthrough Program™ vs. Fertility Coach

Fertility coaches vary in their level of training, expertise, and services but primarily provide emotional and lifestyle support in addition to your doctor’s medical advice. Some help with stress management, mindset, emotional support, nutritional coaching, or a combination thereof.

While in The Fertility Breakthrough Program™, you get all the extra support mentioned above and more as part of our personalized and holistic treatment strategy. However, this happens only after we’ve developed the best diagnostic strategy to understand what has been keeping you from taking home a healthy baby and what we can do to address them effectively.

We accomplish this by blending the best of self-care and evidence-based and integrative healthcare in reproductive medicine through our formalized seven-step F.E.R.T.I.L.E. Method®.

Our team comprises highly experienced, university-trained professionals with decades of expertise in helping couples overcome infertility and recurrent miscarriage when other treatments have failed. Our founder and program director is a Harvard University-awarded scholar who developed and validated our process, demonstrating a 78.8% live birth rate.

The Fertility Breakthrough Program™ vs. Naturopath

Naturopaths implement a holistic approach to healthcare that utilizes traditional, natural remedies that work together with contemporary treatment and medicine. They focus on supporting the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Their treatments include but are not limited to herbal medicine prescriptions, nutrition or dietary recommendations, lifestyle guidance, psychotherapies, physical therapies, stress management, and more.

There is also a great amount of variability in the level of training, expertise and experience

Our founder and program director, Gabriela Rosa is a fertility specialist and Harvard University-awarded scholar and also a trained naturopath since 2001. She brings her extensive scientific training and experience treating thousands of patients globally in The Fertility Breakthrough Program™, which aims to first understand the root of your reproductive challenges via adequate and proper diagnostic investigations. Only after having this clarity do we devise a personalized treatment plan that targets your and your partner’s needs.

The entire team supporting you in the program consists of other experienced and highly trained clinicians. And because of our solid, proven internal processes (consistently refined), we achieve reproducible results integrating orthodox and traditional medicine into a unique, effective treatment for the patients we serve.

The Fertility Breakthrough Program™ vs. Functional Medicine Doctor

Another area where variations in treatment and specific areas of expertise can lead to variable results, although, functional medicine doctors also work to uncover more layers of disease conditions, considering one’s overall health picture to a greater extent than traditional doctors.

While in The Fertility Breakthrough Program™, we ensure that your unique case is thoroughly investigated and diagnosed and that your treatment plan suits your and your partner’s specific needs. But we don’t stop there. Your case and treatment are continuously re-assessed and adjusted when necessary—all the while having hands-on support to optimize your overall health and wellbeing conducive to your ultimate goal of becoming a parent.

Additionally, we hold our patients’ hands from beginning to baby and beyond, providing thorough pregnancy support throughout gestation, lactation, and more.

The Fertility Breakthrough Program™ vs. Acupuncturist

Some people seek alternative ways of boosting fertility, such as acupuncture. Traditional Eastern or Chinese medicine (TCM) believes there are ‘channels of energy’ called meridians running through our bodies. It’s believed that the disruption of the energy flow (also known as qi) results in physical and emotional illnesses, including infertility. Needling specific acupuncture points can stimulate these meridians, releasing energy flow and sometimes improving symptoms.[1-3]

Although Western medical research has begun investigating the effect of acupuncture on reproductive outcomes (mostly in combination with in-vitro fertlization treatments IVF/ICSI), TCM is not a complete treatment strategy.

While acupuncture may assist fertility treatment, supportive action can only yield a partial effect without effective and comprehensive diagnosis and proper treatment. Hence, The Fertility Breakthrough Program™ may be an essential first step if you seek clarity on your journey to parenthood and strategies to hold your healthy baby sooner.

The Fertility Breakthrough Program™ vs. IVF/ICSI in an ART clinic

Assisted reproductive techniques (ART) such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) are wonderful technologies. For some couples, they can mean the difference between having a baby and not. But these should be used appropriately and not be chosen out of fear or desperation because your doctor says that your eggs are too old or that it is your only chance.

These statements are seldom ever true, albeit sometimes well meaning.

Depending on geography, the cost of ART (IVF/ICSI) can be in the tens of thousands of dollars or pounds sterling for just one cycle. In the United States, an out-of-pocket treatment cycle can cost upwards of USD 30,000 per cycle (depending on insurance coverage), with only a maximum 35% chance of success.[4]

Meanwhile, The Fertility Breakthrough Program™ improves an individual’s health and relationships, protects transgenerational fertility, and thus also optimizes a future offspring’s health and fertility. But beyond that, from beginning to baby, it represents approximately less than half the investment (USD 10,025) of one out-of-pocket IVF cycle in the United States–from beginning to baby (not per cycle).

It is a validated treatment, with a track record of being delivered since 2001. The treatment is demonstrated to work even when other treatments have failed, and has a 78.8% overall live birth rate. Our most recent analysis (2022), presented at Harvard University and The British Fertility Society in the United Kingdom, demonstrated that out of 544 patients included in a (per protocol) seven-year analysis, 45.6% had experienced failed ART (IVF/ICSI) before embarking on the program.

Following the intervention of The Fertility Breakthrough Program™, 40.4% delivered babies conceived naturally versus 30.3% conceived via ART despite previously failed treatments. Only 5.6% of all our patients required a donor egg despite most being told before working with us that a donor egg would be the only chance they would have to conceive.

Hence, ensuring this treatment is used before ART methods represents thousands of dollars in cost savings to individual patients and billions of dollars to healthcare systems globally. This all as a means to what is most important: Ensuring couples finally hold the healthy baby of their dreams in their arms sooner.

This is all achieved while also preventing the preventable:

  • Long-standing time to pregnancy;
  • Egg and sperm or embryo quality issues;
    Failed drug therapy/ovulation induction;
  • Failed IVF/ICSI treatment associated with poor fertilization and implantation rates (among other problems);
  • Chemical pregnancies or miscarriage;
  • Neonatal and transgenerational defects to deliver healthy babies and more.

The truth is, we are impartial regarding the conception method that enables our patients to hold their healthy babies. Our lack of bias allows us to assess your situation holistically, methodically, and comprehensively. Only then will we advise whatever method is most appropriate for you to create the family of your dreams.

For some individuals or couples in our program, the best strategy may include ART (IVF/ICSI or even donor programs) – but substantially fewer than the average eight cycles couples need in the general population to have a close to 80% live birth rate.[5]

Furthermore, we can guarantee you will not go around in circles being told to do cycle after cycle without any kind of reevaluation or recommendation on improving your chances of success through treatment. This is the opposite of what most couples experience when reproduction is difficult and complicated.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure our patients are adequately prepared (physically, mentally, and emotionally) regardless of the conception strategy needed to achieve the best possible results and hold their healthy babies–sooner.

Toward this outcome, we apply a holistic strategy underpinned by effective diagnosis and treatment, reproducibly reducing the need for ART (IVF/ICSI) altogether and/or improving its success rates when it is still the needed conception strategy.[6-10]

Final thoughts

The Rosa Institute’s Fertility Breakthrough Program™ is transformational at every level: Physical, psychological, emotional, and biochemical. Moreover, our comprehensive treatment approach is innovative, providing world-class service and highly effective results to enable patients to overcome infertility and miscarriage even when other treatments have failed, with an overall 78.8% live birth rate.

If you are ready to create your fertility breakthrough, learn how the program can assist in your specific case. Schedule a complimentary 10-minute consultation with renowned fertility specialist, and Harvard-University awarded scholar Gabriela Rosa here.

We look forward to holding your hand from the beginning to baby and beyond.

Are you tired of expensive and ineffective
fertility treatments?

As part of our close-knit fertility community, you’ll have access to renowned fertility specialist and Harvard University-awarded scholar Gabriela Rosa and her proven methods for achieving successful reproductive outcomes━with a 78.8% live birth rate.

With this affordable and effective treatment option (the signature Fertility Breakthrough Program™ delivered in groups), you can finally take charge of your fertility journey and start building the family you’ve always wanted.


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