We are the first clinic in the world to provide a fully telehealth-based treatment program (2013) and have been serving patients in every continent (other than Antarctica) since 2001.

Consequently, our message to patients is frequently copied as others try to approximate and compare  themselves to us.  The fact remains, however, that we are constantly evolving, improving upon our service and offering, and in doing so, remain at the forefront in delivering care and results.

Moreover, we are the only integrative medicine clinic in the world with validated, peer-reviewed, published results that have been presented in international professional forums such as Harvard University and The British Fertility Society Conference in the United Kingdom.

We are heavily focused on finding the root cause of our patients’ challenges, so we can conquer them and have our patients finally hold the healthy baby of their dreams in their arms. And because we blend the best of self-care with the latest science within our formalized seven-step F.E.R.T.I.L.E. Method® within our clinic, our results are highly reproducible.

Other service providers take on patients and ‘hope’ their service might be helpful for the couples who come to them.

We do not hope. We know what we deliver.

One way we achieve reproducibility in our treatment is by implementing what we know about the types of patients who best benefit from what we offer. Therefore, we first evaluate all cases before offering patients a place in the program because we believe in delivering highly effective treatment to those we can best assist. Thus maintain our success rate at the highest possible level in the best interest of both parties.

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We do not hope. We know what we deliver.

In conclusion, we only take on patients who have experienced reproductive challenges (or would like to avoid them proactively). Typically we treat challenging and complex cases; a large proportion of our patients are over 40 years of age.

Next, we will answer a series of questions couples ask us about our process and program in detail. Enjoy!

"We take every care to assess each prospective patient's unique situation to ascertain and ensure The Fertility Breakthrough Program™ is the best treatment option moving forward"
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Our results have been validated and presented in scientific forums such as Harvard University and The British Fertility Society.