Patients come to us because they are tired of going around in circles on their journey to parenthood. They want answers and their desired result – a healthy baby.

On the journey to parenthood, we may help our patients improve their egg and sperm quality, undergo ovulation induction, collect more eggs, have more (and healthier) embryos, increase fertilization and implantation rates, and even reduce miscarriage risk – but these steps don’t mean anything without their ultimate outcome. 

Our patients come to us because they are ready to understand the obstacles on their journey to baby and the root cause of their fertility difficulties. Most importantly, they know what will effectively ensure they hold the healthy baby of their dreams in their arms sooner. Helping them achieve this outcome is how we differ from other clinics worldwide.

We develop a strategy that incorporates your values, beliefs, and future reproductive planning to complete the family you envision. We are known for taking unrivaled steps in understanding your specific reproductive situation and the root causes of the challenges you are experiencing.

What we deliver is personalized, effective treatment levering the necessary pieces that are essential for your specific needs. Unlike visiting an IVF doctor, we are unbiased about the conception method you may require (although most of our patients conceive naturally – 47.7% versus 31.1% through ART (IVF/ICSI) and other, and only 5.6% require donor egg – despite most being told they do). Unlike an IVF doctor or clinic, we will not send you down the path of assisted reproductive technologies unless you absolutely need it (and/or want it). 

Our over two decades of experience, expertise, and extensive training in reproductive medicine and human genetics from leading institutions worldwide, including Harvard University, also sets us apart.

In addition, our seven-step F.E.R.T.I.L.E. Method®, created through hundreds of thousands of patient consultations, is demonstrably unique in its results. Moreover, since we are continuously investing in further honing our skills and expertise, we are a huge asset to the patients we serve. Thus, further setting ourselves and results apart from other services that claim to deliver the ‘same’ outcome. Although we blend the best of science and self-care, ultimately integrating- all aspects of holistic and orthodox medicine, our proprietary framework enables our patients to overcome infertility and miscarriage(s) when other treatments have failed.

And because we treat patients from all over the world, we are privy to unique insights, which place us clinically at the forefront of the latest scientific developments in reproductive medicine globally.

Furthermore, we take every care to assess each prospective patient’s unique situation to ascertain and ensure The Fertility Breakthrough Program™ is the best treatment option moving forward. As beneficial and effective as our treatment is – it cannot help everyone. Therefore, before committing to work together, we seek the necessary clarity to understand whether embarking on this path is for the highest service of all concerned. In cases where we are not the best fit, the outcome of our assessment is to help you find the best next step for you, and we will do our very best to point you in the right direction.

We feel privileged and honored to be of service in helping you gain the clarity you need either way and for the patients we serve, we are delighted to provide the care and support we know only we can believe.

"We take every care to assess each prospective patient's unique situation to ascertain and ensure The Fertility Breakthrough Program™ is the best treatment option moving forward"
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Our results have been validated and presented in scientific forums such as Harvard University and The British Fertility Society.