Wondering why you still don't have the baby of your dreams in your arms?

There are obstacles getting in your way.

And they're not what you think they are.

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When it comes to infertility,
most couples look for the BIG reason (or reasons)
why their dream keeps eluding them.

It has to be something big, right?

But on the contrary, it’s often the little things
that are the very bricks making up the ‘wall of infertility.’

Fertility boils down to the little things.

When you’re grappling with difficulty conceiving or taking a healthy pregnancy to term…

And you’ve been struggling for years on end…

It’s easy to think that you’re facing an enormous obstacle on your path. 

And it is true, in a way. 

There are definitely MAJOR problems that challenge some couples on their journey to parenthood.

However, some of these are created from seemingly inconsequential issues that often get dismissed initially.

On their own, these little things are not the reason you’re not yet a parent. 

But when added together, their effects get compounded.
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Obstacles to fertility, a.k.a minor factors

Sperm not in the right shape.
Sperm that can’t swim.
Sperm count that’s not ideal
Terrible diet or lifestyle
Poor thyroid
Sexually transmitted disease
Excess weight.

…you name it. 

Epidemiological studies around the globe have proven that ‘little things’
ultimately mean the difference between having a baby and not.

How exactly do minor factors impact your fertility health?

A couple at peak fertility has a 20% chance of conception in any given month.
Their average time to pregnancy is 3 months.

Add one minor factor, and the chance of conception falls to 5%.
The average time to pregnancy increases to 2 years.

Two minor factors and a couple’s chance of pregnancy plummets to 1%.
The average time to pregnancy increases to 7 years.

Adding just one more minor factor brings a couple’s total to only three minor factors.
But suddenly, their chances of conception fall to 0.2%.

And the average time to pregnancy is an impossible 40 years.

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Is there hope?

For over 20 years of helping struggling couples overcome infertility, miscarriage, and other reproductive difficulties, we have proven that nothing is impossible when the powers of science, self-belief, commitment, hope, and the RIGHT strategy are combined.

Even couples with long-standing, difficult, and complex cases of reproductive challenges have rewritten their stories from struggle to breakthrough.

How are we able to help these couples?

Through the systematic, methodical, and holistic blueprint we utilize in our clinic

that you’ll have in your hands in a moment.
From beginning to baby and beyond, we got you.
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