Have you ever wondered if (or how) your lack of sleep could impact your fertility, miscarriage risk, and the chance of taking home a healthy baby?

When you do too little (or even too much) sleep, your body’s biochemistry swings side to side, disrupting your homeostatic balance. As a result, your body shuts down systems that are not essential to the paramount task of ensuring survival – one of which is reproductive functions.

Prioritizing getting the right quality and quantity of sleep will benefit you in several ways. Our body can make necessary repairs while sleeping to ensure that all bodily systems will continue to function optimally. Sleep allows the body its required reset.

But if you have been facing challenges to achieving conception or taking it to term (or simply want to ensure a healthy journey to parenthood), there is much more at stake in acquiring good quality sleep.

In this ‘Ask Gabriela Rosa Live’ segment, fertility specialist and Harvard University awarded scholar Gabriela Rosa delves deeper into the relationship between sleep and reproductive health:

  • How are sleep disturbances, my body’s circadian rhythm, hormonal levels, and reproductive health interconnected?
  • What causes my reproductive challenge(s) to occur?
  • How exactly can poor quality sleep impact my fertility, miscarriage risk, and reproductive outcomes?
  • How can I get started with a good sleep routine that supports my fertility?
  • Why should I already sleep around 9 pm if I want a more enhanced egg or sperm quality?
  • How does consuming technology at night disrupt my metabolic and reproductive hormones?
  • What can I do to support my body’s circadian rhythm if I do shift work?
  • What can we do if my partner or I have sleeping disorders?
  • What can I expect when starting to alter my habits to ensure good quality sleep?
  • Why are exercising and mindfulness crucial in obtaining a good night’s sleep?
  • What to watch out for when eating or drinking that will impact my sleep quality?

Join Gabriela Rosa in this episode to learn what you can do to help influence your odds of achieving a healthy conception, taking a healthy pregnancy to term, and bringing home a healthy baby.