Hi! I’m Paul. This is my wife, Tracy. We’ve been trying to have a baby for over 10 years and we haven’t been successful. We even signed up to IVF and that didn’t work.
A friend of mine mentioned Gabriela to us, so we thought we head on and have a chat with Gabriela and see what we could sort out with our issues. We agreed to join the program. No sooner than you know it, we’re pregnant.

It was in the joint program. Tracy was on some medications, natural herbal medications; so was I. But also, I got some spinoff benefits in terms of weight loss.

I’ve been exercising 6 days a week for a long time now, and I lost a little weight but I couldn’t quite get to that ideal body mass by a few kilos.

Anyway, within no time that also was sorted out, as well as a few other health issues along the way that seemed to rear their ugly head when you don’t want them there, so it’s been a really good result for both of us.

We’ve tried falling pregnant after such a long, long time. It’s made a huge difference to our life. There’s a sense of fulfilment and happiness and that truly is a wonderful feeling.

We’re so grateful to Gabriela and her structured program.

So let’s say thanks, Gabriela!

Yeah, magnificent. Thank you so much to you and your program.