Hi, my name is Alison, and I’m here today to talk to you a little bit about my journey with infertility. It was a 6-year journey and also our experience with Gabriela Rosa’s Natural Fertility Breakthrough Program, which we came to towards the end of our infertility journey.
My husband and I had had a son together and we decided that we would like to add to our family. I had always dreamed of quite a large family; five children is what I wanted. We started trying and nothing happened straight away. I wasn’t particularly concerned or worried. But after about a year, I felt that perhaps I should go and see a doctor about it. But because I was in my late 20s and my husband was young also, they said not to worry about it, it would be fine.

We persisted but still, nothing happened, so they sent off for some initial tests, which all came back fine. We were then referred to a fertility specialist, who also did more testing, and as any of you know who have been involved with that, everything that is sacred and intimate is poked and prodded and brought out into the light, and so that was very hard emotionally.

Then what was even harder was that we were left with the mystifying diagnosis of unexplained infertility. They couldn’t find anything wrong and had no idea why we’re having difficulties. My husband and I were healthy. We both exercise several times during the week. We’re not smokers. We were also very moderate with our caffeine intake, and by this time, I was completely off of alcohol and my husband very infrequently had a drink. Our diet was really healthy with meat and lots of vegetables. I was very particularly careful about the use of pesticides and chemicals around our house already.

We kept on seeing a fertility specialist for quite a number of years, and at the same time, I also explored alternative therapies such as acupuncture and we also saw herbalist for about 18 months together. Because our journey by this time we’re up to about the 4-year mark, it had taken a toll on us financially — fertility treatment is very expensive — and also emotionally because we’re unprepared for it. We have had a son with no problems whatsoever, and we were doing what we felt was everything right.

It was about this time that I came across Gabriela and I was really taken with it because at that stage, I had read so much. I have had intimate consultations with fertility specialists in the USA, but natural fertility I should say like herbalists, but that hadn’t really come up with anything, and in fact, it had left me with a feeling of doubt. I had bought books on the Internet, Pregnancy Miracle books, and followed the advice in that and still, nothing had helped.

I said to my husband, “I need an advocate. I can’t do this anymore. I can’t research anymore. I need someone to put it all together for me.” And so that’s where Gabriela came in. She was really confident and competent.

We invited Gabriela to come onboard as a partner with us during our journey to try and create ourselves a healthy baby and enlarge our family. With the Natural Fertility Breakthrough Program, there were several levels of support that you could choose, and we chose the platinum level, I believe it was called, because this enabled us to not only take part in the weekly teleseminars but it also meant that we have a tailored supplementary program and one-on-one coaching sessions, as well as being part of the group.

The thing I loved about the program was although I have a lovely and supportive husband, it was really useful to meet together every week and to learn together or something that we did together and then you do your homework together and work through the material that’s part of the program.

It helps keep him on track and keep him involved as I’m sure that many women who were being part of an infertility journey, you can sometimes feel a bit lonely and isolated, and the emotions that you feel can quite often be quite different from what your partner or your husband feels.

And so that’s what Gabriela was for us. She did put it all together and even though we have done so much reading, or I had so much reading over the years, there’s still plenty. There’s so much in the program that we learned from and so many more changes that we had to implement. We used a checklist that was part of the program and that really helped.

We finished the 120 days of the initial program and couples who were on the journey with us, doing the program with us started falling pregnant. “Oh, my God! We haven’t turned a thing.” One by one, more people were putting positive pregnancy tests, but none came for us. And so, we still continued with the program and still continued with the positive changes that we have made to our diet, to our environment and kept meeting with Gabriela.

There came a time when Gabriela said during an appointment, “Well, guys, if something was generally going to happen naturally, it probably would have happened by now. Let’s start thinking about working in complementary with the fertility clinic again.”

I thought about it and I went back to Gabriela, and I said, “I’m not emotionally ready to go back to the fertility clinic,” because it had been quite a hard time our previous involvement with fertility clinic both financially and emotionally. It was the emotions. I didn’t feel that I was in a place where I can go through all that again.

She said that’s fine. She supported us in that decision and said, “Well, we’ll just keep on going and we’ll keep getting there.” and so we kept going around. I got my first positive pregnancy test. I couldn’t believe it. I still remember rushing out and calling my husband on the phone and saying, “You won’t believe it! We’ve done it! We’ve done it!”

Then I called Gabriela going, “Oh, my goodness! What do I do now? What do I do now?” because for so long, I had been in the infertility mindset, and all of a sudden, I was pregnant. It was so exciting. My baby is now 3 months old, and I still continue with the diet and the lifestyle changes.

When people say to me, “Why would you do that? You’ve already got your baby.” But I believe it’s not just about having a healthy baby; it’s about having a healthy you. It’s so embedded now, it’s part of my daily routine and my shopping routine and I want to keep doing it, and I want to keep being healthy and I want to give my baby the best start that I can.

I would recommend the Natural Fertility Breakthrough Program with Gabriel Rosa because I believe it was a big part of how we became pregnant. It was a big part of our puzzle. I wish you all the very best in your journey, too.
Our family is now complete…Thank you, Gabriela!