Hi! I’m Tin. I’m Gabriela’s patient at the moment. About a year and a half ago—David is my husband—and David and I were thinking about to plan for family, and we went for a huge holiday and both came back really sick, and we probably had a miscarriage.
And so, we started to do research if our bodies are ready for the pregnancy, so we went around and went through a lot of websites. We stumbled upon Gabriela’s website and came over, had a little chat with Gabriela. We realized actually we have numerous bad habits and that actually could have caused issue like miscarriage, and also, we started to understand that it’s not about after you’re pregnant how you prepare your body; it’s about how you prepare your body for pregnancy.

During the first few appointments, we were trying to change our lifestyle, and it wasn’t easy and took us about three appointments to get it actually done, with some encouragement from Gabriela and all the following up, I think that’s very important. During this process, I was found that I had a thyroid issue, with low body temperature because we were charting, so Gabriela referred me to see another doctor.

With that doctor, effectively I was diagnosed and I was put on medication, so my temperature gradually after a couple of months essentially went back to the way it’s supposed to be. Also, I think together with our diet and we stick to the diet and gradually I think there is a tipping point after everything is there and all of a sudden feeling really good. David felt really good and I felt really good. Until now, I think we still stick to most of the diet and totally changed our lifestyle.

I think after the middle of this year and I came to see Gabriela. I was like, “You know this process is going too long. I want to have a break.”

But after going through my chart, the last chart, Gabriela is like, “You’re pregnant.” I didn’t have any tests by myself and she just saw the last 2 days’ chart and then she’s like, “You’re going to have a test.” I had a test, and then yes, I am pregnant and I’m 10 weeks now as of today.

I think my whole pregnancy was amazing. I don’t feel much sickness and I’m healthy and fit and also with the regular habits that I have in the family with David, and David had great help with that and we’re not going for like crazy food and drinks, coffee, all those stuff, and I totally feel good about it.

I thought to give some explanation about why I went to Gabriela and how I went with her, so now she’s helping me to get through the whole pregnancy and until the baby is born.

Thank you.

And also, another thing that I have to mention is that if I had never come to see Gabriela, I probably would have never find out that I have thyroid issue and thyroid issue would never be treated. I think I would be still moody and tired, not as happy as now. I mean that’s basically how I feel, but internally I would never get pregnant.

I went to see my private doctor, obstetrician… He is the best doctor to see it. He actually commented if I never find out my thyroid issue, I would never be pregnant, so I think to that perspective, we’re lucky.