BEFORE GABRIELA - 2 failed IVF cycles and multiple transfers

We had been trying to conceive for approximately six months when we decided to get some tests done to gather more information. When the results came back, there was a male fertility issue identified with abnormal sperm, and we were told that we would struggle to conceive naturally.

We felt devastated and in shock. We didn’t expect it and felt rushed to decide about IVF. It was extremely stressful and pushed us apart a bit as a couple. The IVF doctor kept telling us we were the perfect candidates; there was no reason it wouldn’t work. But they also stressed that we needed to start quickly. 

I was surprised that I wasn’t getting tested even when I shared that I had been diagnosed with endometriosis. 

But, we decided to trust the clinic and proceeded with an IVF cycle. The process was so much more complicated than I thought it would be. I never imagined what it would mean to be injecting myself daily. 

My body had such a strong reaction to the drugs. I was overstimulated and was so uncomfortable. I produced so many follicles I was sure it would be great, and we would have plenty of embryos. But at no point did anyone explain to us how it works. So we were again incredibly disappointed when, after the egg collection, only 3 embryos survived.

The first transfer was such a disaster. My partner, Dan, had been partying a lot, and I was stressed with work and doing crazy hours. However, at no point did the doctor ask us about our lifestyle, and of course, the first transfer didn’t work.

Very quickly after that, we did the second one. Once again, our doctor said it would work this time, and we shouldn’t wait. I got a positive pregnancy test this time, but unfortunately, it was an ectopic pregnancy. It took 5 months for my body to expel the embryo entirely. It also happened during Christmas, so the clinic was closed, and we had no support. We ended up having to go through the hospital. 

After this experience, the only follow-up we had from the IVF clinic was to ask when we would be ready to transfer the last embryo. It felt so heartless, but we believed this was our only chance. So, as soon as my body showed 0 HCG, we started the treatment again. And we failed once again.

At this stage, we were feeling so defeated. But we also felt pressured and pushed not to wait. Dan had to do another sperm test, and it showed even worse results. They told us we needed to freeze his sperm as there was no chance it would improve. So again, we rushed to another cycle. Even with no money, we felt our desire for babies was too strong to give up. 

At this stage, I couldn’t even see my friends with babies. I was constantly in tears and not understanding where we were going wrong. We started the second cycle, but I had to ask for a review of the doses and protocol because I didn’t want to be overstimulated again. We ended up again with many follicles, but only one survived after egg collection. 

After the egg collection, I became sick. My stomach was covered in bruises. I had awful cramps. But when I called the clinic, I was constantly denied and told, “It’s normal to feel this way; it will pass.” So I had to insist that they do a blood test. The blood test showed I was pregnant without even doing the transfer. 

So, I was possibly pregnant during some of the treatments, but they couldn’t explain how and when. And to make everything worse, they even asked my partner if I had sex with someone else!

With all the stress, I had another miscarriage. After that, I was just completely broken. I couldn’t breathe or understand why it wasn’t working for us. What were we doing wrong? It took me a few months to step back and think about what I wanted and what I needed. I needed to go through a process I could relate to: genuine, honest, natural.


I searched for something more aligned with what we needed and found Gabriela Rosa and her programs. Straight away, I connected to Gabriela’s approach. She didn’t lie and say it would be easy or that her process was sure to work. Gabriela emphasized that it would be a lot of life changes and hard work. But I was ready for it. My partner was a little less at first. He didn’t get it all in the beginning. However, he saw such a huge change in me. My confidence and my happiness were coming back. 

We spoke a lot about it, and after assessing with Gabriela, he agreed it was right for us to do. He understood I couldn’t put my body and mind through IVF again after all that had happened. This was especially painful, knowing that we could get pregnant naturally! 

It immediately became clear that The Fertility Breakthrough Program™ was the right path for us. It was the only comprehensive program looking into us as a unit to make it work. I didn’t want to guess what to do and pretend I knew. I recognized I needed help from a specialist. 

I wanted to feel comfortable in my body and my ability to change and in my partner’s ability to change, too. We desperately wanted to stop the vicious circle of “we are running out of time” when we were only 34 and 35.

When we received the questionnaire, we knew we made the right choice. It was so detailed and precise and included us and our environment. I was incredibly reassured. 

The changes we had to make weren’t easy, especially for my party boy partner. But everything had a clear explanation; nothing was expected of us that didn’t come with tons of information about why it’s important. Every change became an educated choice, and that was the biggest motivation! 

We learned so much about our actual health and how to improve it. Plenty of blood tests and analysis showed us the progression along every step of the way. We also saw Dan’s sperm improve drastically! That was when he understood he could control his health, and what the doctor previously had told us made no sense. 

I underwent a laparoscopic to remove my endometriosis because our practitioner could see all the signs and made that recommendation for us when the time was right. Before the program, I couldn’t believe how I felt in my cycle. What I thought was normal pain for years was suddenly gone. My cycles became regular, and I could even feel when I was ovulating because of everything I had been taught through the program. 

When our bodies were ready, it only took 3 conception attempts for me to fall pregnant. 

Initially, I was so scared of losing the baby that it was hard to be excited. But the program didn’t stop at the positive pregnancy test, and I was supported by the entire team all the way through.

We welcomed a beautiful little girl, Margaux – she is healthy and happy and completes our lives. We know now we are capable of conceiving naturally, and we know with the support of The Fertility Breakthrough Program™ we can be proud parents.

We do not doubt that we will return to the program when we are ready for baby number 2. Even now, I see how much this program has improved our lives. We live a low-tox life and are conscious of what we can control to boost our fertility and health. Also, my relationship with my partner is stronger than ever. We are a unit, and we are creating our little dream family.