Before Gabriela - 2 years of TTC, 1 failed IVF implantation.

We conceived our first child very quickly and without any issues. So it was a surprise when trying for child number two that nothing happened after months of trying. After 12 months, I went to the general practitioner and was advised not to get too stressed about it and to go for a routine ovulation test. The test results were normal, so I subsequently had an HSG test, which showed everything working as it should. 

The final thing the NHS (National Health Service) could do for us was a consultation with a Fertility doctor at the local hospital.

After a brief look at my file, he diagnosed me with unexplained secondary infertility and advised me that IVF was the next step and only option; he handed over a leaflet of IVF clinics as we left. 

The doctor couldn’t have been less compassionate, less caring, and less sensitive. 

Leaving the hospital appointment, I felt devastated and abandoned and had no idea where to turn or what to do to make things right. I  strongly felt that IVF was not the route we needed to go down. I knew my cycle was not quite right and believed IVF would not work for us without correcting them. I had no idea where to turn to get things properly explored and fixed. 

The monthly failures to conceive were all-consuming and dominated our energy and thoughts. We felt we were not enjoying or could focus on the “here and now” because every idea seemed fixed on how we were not getting pregnant. We asked ourselves if pushing for baby number 2 was destroying the happiness we were so lucky to have.

We met slightly later in life, and I was keenly aware that the clock was ticking as we didn’t want a significant age gap between children and didn’t particularly want to be older parents. We hadn’t confided in any family or friends about our struggles – we did, after all, already have a beautiful daughter and felt that people would judge and say, ‘Be grateful for what you have.’ We truly were, but this urge wouldn’t abate for a second.

I spent many waking hours searching on the internet for things that would help – suggestions included something to do with pineapple cores, cranberry juice, acupuncture, etc. All of which I gave a go – because you do, don’t you? – but deep down, I just couldn’t shake the feeling that something else ‘significant’ was needed to identify and address the underlying issues.


Shortly into my regular searching, either the internet search engine algorithms connected the dots and fed me the details of The Fertility Breakthrough Program™, or the universe did have our back – probably both! 

I watched videos each day and knew as soon as Gabriela Rosa started talking about minor factors and the exponential impact that they can have on conception that this lady ‘got it’ and that this was the route for us. 

After watching all of them, I mentioned to Stuart that I thought there was something in this for us and perhaps he should take a look, which he did, and declared, “I’m in.” He didn’t admit to me at the time that he thought it was all completely bonkers but, for some reason, agreed to go along with it!

We immediately started putting the recommendations from the program into action and tried to do everything we could to make the necessary changes. It was a real challenge for both of us, with so many different aspects of how we lived our lives having to change. I remember Stu saying things like, “What do you mean I need to change my toothpaste – I have sensitive teeth,” or “I can’t give up caffeine; we all have coffee at our meetings,” and so on. 

Having got going with these changes, we still strongly felt that we needed Gabriela and her team’s bespoke and tailored expertise and support. We decided to take the plunge and committed to the entire program.  We were excited to finally be in touch with the experts and on a path to the root cause of our problems. 

We did feel that we had nothing to lose at this point – we thought we were in a ‘no regrets’ situation, and if we didn’t end up falling pregnant, then at least we had given it our best shot. So, we completed the extensive fact-finding questionnaire, guiding you through all questions about our physical and mental well-being and environment. 

We were excited about the prospect of our first consultation with our practitioner and were taken aback when she outlined that we collectively had 37 minor factors that needed addressing. Our practitioner knew precisely the impact of each minor factor and had an action plan for us to follow to get these investigated further. 

It was the first time since our struggles began that anyone had wanted to get to the bottom of what was going on and wasn’t just scraping the surface, doing the obvious, and dismissing us. 

Having a bespoke plan to address our minor factors was amazing, which went from 37 to over 100 after we were fully assessed for treatment. To hear that number is daunting, but also completely normal, we came to find out. Every aspect of our lives, from our diet to our environment, was addressed. Life got weird and wonderful for a while but in an excellent way. 

I particularly enjoyed the focus on the emotional and mental aspects of getting pregnant, which previously we had no tools in our armory to address.

We thoroughly embraced all the diet advice – a massive change for us. While we thought we ate reasonably healthy when it came to it, we didn’t. We also had no clue about the detrimental impact on not only our chances to conceive but also Stuart’s overall immune system health – and the effect this had on everyday life and our conception chances. We loved that we were eating better for ourselves and our daughter – we carry a lot of this knowledge into our daily living and food choices.

We met with Gabriela’s team regularly throughout the next 6 months. These consultations were vital to us as they pinpointed our issues based on our test results and kept adjusting and tailoring our food, supplements, and anything else we were doing to improve our chances. 

It was fascinating that they could accurately identify what was happening by looking at my basal body temperature charts. For the first time, we had tests done that no one else had thought to ask for, and whereas the focus on trying to conceive previously had been fixing what was wrong with me, it was evident that we both had factors that needed addressing. 

Everything we were doing was making us healthier, and we could both feel the incredible difference it was making to us, not only physically but emotionally, too.

And then it happened – our practitioner believed we were ready to try again. My temperature charts finally were as they should be. I was excited to get going again but also apprehensive about facing potential monthly disappointments. However, I did feel much better prepared than I ever had, and it was massively reassuring to know that Gabriela and the team were holding our hands through this. 

While we wanted to give our conception attempts a good try, we had set ourselves an endpoint – 12 months after we started. A few months before this, I realized my mental approach hadn’t supported a successful outcome, so I decided a complete about-turn was needed. 

I signed up for Gabriela’s Redefining You program – one of the many mini-programs Gabriela delivers for patients of The Fertility Breakthrough Program™, and it changed everything for me. 

I fully embraced the ‘Surrender’ mantra–putting it around our bedroom. I worked on full mind and body relaxation, positive affirmations, journaling, and visualizations, and, most crucially, we decided that on taking my temperature first thing, Stuart would note the reading, and I would remain unaware. This prevented me from overanalyzing and interpreting the results. 

I fell pregnant naturally two months later. I think I knew I was pregnant before I did the test – things were just stacking up right. I couldn’t quite believe that we had managed to make it happen. It was the most incredible feeling to have beaten the odds, turned our chances around naturally, and finally achieved our dream of a second pregnancy and improved our lives holistically and our daughters along the way.

As we write this, we are 4 years on from starting the program, and with the support and expertise of Gabriela and her team, we are truly blessed to have little Zara, who is now 2 years old and has completed our beautiful family. 

Embracing The Fertility Breakthrough Program™ has also improved our lives; we feel the benefits daily. There is not a day that goes by that we do not look at our daughter and feel extreme gratitude for her presence in our lives, and for that, we will always be grateful to the entire team.