I tried to get pregnant for 3 years, and one of the worst things about infertility is the way it has of sort of creeping in and infecting the rest of your life.
My body was feeling me. My brain was playing tricks on me, and all of a sudden it was affecting my career and it was stalling and not going the way I wanted it to, and my marriage was having trouble because of this disappointment that we couldn’t achieve this dream that we wanted so badly.

There was just this strain and stress.

I felt so stuck.

I wanted to make changes.

I wanted answers.

I wanted to do something, but everywhere I turned, there was conflicting information and doctors throwing up roadblocks and telling me that there was no reason for us to not be getting pregnant. That felt so wrong.

We spent almost a year in fertility treatments without getting any answers or having any success, and in fact, they were less successful. The more that we did, the less successful we were. We finally got to a point where the next step was very expensive and we haven’t figured out what was going on, and that just felt so wrong, so we stopped.

I knew there had to be something else that we could do, so I went online and there was lots of stuff out there, but one day, I ran across Gabriela and her fertility programs. It just resonated with me. This is what I had been looking for. Somebody to investigate me, figure out what was going on with me, not just follow protocol, [someone to] be on my team and advocate for me.

It was such a relief to know that what I felt to be true was out there. It was a little scary because it was something totally different than what we had been doing and from the traditional medical path, but it just changed our lives.

I don’t have words or time to explain all the amazing things that we got from really committing and really investing ourselves in these programs, but we now have skills to cope with life stresses, to kind of make them really a nonissue. Both my husband and I, we started revamp our careers, changed to great jobs, and has since been promoted since getting these jobs.

Life is good. Life is happy. We figured out how to be happy, how to make ourselves happy, and keep working on continuing our dreams and working towards our goals even when things don’t go our way or a little bit hard.

But really the absolute best thing that I got is that now I’m a mom, and I have this beautiful amazing baby. I know that if we haven’t done this, if we haven’t taken that leap, I wouldn’t be sitting here, talking to you with my baby sleeping in the other room. It’s amazing, and I can’t say enough.