Hi! My name is Stephanie. My husband, Darren, and I just completed Gabriela’s 120 days of preconception planning with her Natural Fertility Breakthrough Program. I just can’t stop to say how fortunate we’ve been.
Before we started doing this, we thought our diet was pretty good. We thought we were living healthily and all of those sorts of things, but we weren’t getting pregnant and we’ve been trying for three years now.
It’s just over 3 years now and nothing was happening, and we were getting despondent and really felt like it was just never going to happen for us. We thought we were doing a lot of things right. We were taking supplements and all of that sort of thing, but nothing was happening.

After doing the 120 days of preconception planning, I have to say that our lives have changed dramatically. It has been unbelievable the improvement in so many areas that have just changed our lives. Regardless, if worst-case scenario, we don’t ever conceive, then our lives have just changed so much for the better anyway.

We are healthier and we are happier, and we’re content and we’re calm and we’re peaceful, and we’re so connected as a couple now. That’s all because of the Natural Fertility Breakthrough Program.

Our diet has improved outside. We are eating so much better food and a wider variety of food, but more importantly, we’re eating the right types of food. That was something that we learned was so important was to make sure that you’re not just eating healthy food but the right foods.

My cycle has improved outside. I can’t tell you how much better it is. There’s less pain. It lasts for a much shorter period of time. It’s so much more regular. It’s just amazing how it changed.

Our energy levels are huge. We’re bouncing out of our skin. We’ve increased our exercise a fair bit, but our general energy levels have just grown so much after being on the program because we feel empowered now because we have so much knowledge about what is good and what isn’t good to do in our lives that we feel so much more confident that what we’re doing now is really going to lead to us conceiving a very healthy baby that we want.

There’s no panicking or there’s no little voice in the back of your head saying, “What if it never happens?” because I just know now that when everything is right and our bodies are ready that we will conceive because we’ve done all of the things that Gabriela has asked us to do on the natural fertility 120 days preconception planning. It’s just impossible to imagine that we won’t get pregnant after doing this because it is so amazing.

Some proactive months later…

Hi, Gabriela! It’s Stephanie, Darren and Arianna. I just want to send you a quick video saying thank you so much for the amazing, amazing things that you did for us that helped bring our little girl to us. When I found you on the Internet, you were just about to start a 14 Day Fertility Challenge, and I’ve read a lot about the things and nothing else struck a chord the way this fertility challenge that you were offering did, and so I joined this up.

I can quite honestly say hand on heart it’s the best thing that I have ever, ever done in my entire life. It changed the way we looked at all the aspects of everything that we were doing and improved our lives beyond measure.

The food that we eat, the way that we look after our health, the way that we exercise, the way that we relate to each other, the course that you put us through just covered everything so well, and your mantra to, “Act pregnant now to get pregnant later,” is just absolutely spot-on because it really does mean exactly what it says that if you act pregnant now and you do all the things that are necessary to get your body to peak and optimum fertility, then you will get to the point where you have a beautiful baby in your arms.

I can’t thank you enough for all of the work that you put in and all the encouragement that you gave us and the wealth of knowledge that you are so willing to share all the time is just amazing.

I just can’t recommend your fertility program highly enough to people because it really is the most amazing thing that we have done as a family, and it made our family exactly what it is right now and it’s really, really special. We love you and thank you.