Hi! My name is Alex! When I was 16, my gynaecologist told me I would need to go through a treatment if I ever wanted kids.
After that for some reason, I started dating single fathers, and I ended up marrying one.

A few years later, another gynaecologist told me my uterus had the signs of a cold uterus, so not possible to hold on to babies at that stage. Well, that shouldn’t be a problem because since the first date, I’ve told my husband I never wanted kids. But years past, and I started to want them, not just one but a few actually.

Well, time to look for a doctor. I went to the doctor and he said, “Your uterus has grown” thanks to God but I would have to have a few miscarriage before I was able to have a full-term pregnancy. He also asked me to have a laparoscopy.

I wasn’t happy and I have asked him if there was anything I could do to avoid a miscarriage. He said, “No. Some women do, some don’t. It’s nothing that you do.”

That never felt right to me, so I decided to get Gabi’s contacts from a friend of mine, who highly recommended her.
Soon, Gabi found out I had polycystic ovarian syndrome and began treatment.

At that time, I also wasn’t having my period for around 11 months, and because of the change in the lifestyle we had with Gabi’s help, we started eating healthy, organic, no microwaves, exercising, herbs, supplements – all of that.

Within 3 months, I had my period back. I was feeling like a woman. I know most women would do anything to get rid of the situation but I was the opposite. After that, Gabi gave us the okay to start trying in measuring the temperature chart.

Well, an overseas call had asked us to move for few months. We did, and we thought, “Well, we’ll come back to the treatment after the long trip.” But we never did. A little bit after that, I fell pregnant and I also had a miscarriage. Well, lesson learned; went back to Gabi’s arms.

Gabi’s miracle number 2 was she noticed my temperature was lower than normal, so she asked for a thyroid test. Initially the thyroid test touched on nothing much. But digging more with blood tests, she found out I did have a thyroid condition and because of that, I have had the miscarriages before.

Well, we started to look after this part. I also had the supplements, the herbs, exercising, and all the recommendations Gabi had given us. A few months later, I fell pregnant with miracle number 3. Zoey was the miracle we’ve all been waiting for, for 5 years, long years.

Well, a few months later, a few pushes, actually not just a few but some pushes here and there, I had Zoey naturally. She’s the light of our life. She’s what makes me better and strong. For that, I can only be extremely grateful for having Gabi in our lives.

Thank you, Gabi. Thank you so much. I cannot help but feel very emotional when I talk about that, so I’m sorry.
Well, we’re ready for miracle number 4, which is baby number 2, and of course, Gabi is involved.

I would love to have Zoey with me right now but she’s sleeping and hubby is way too shy to be on a video, so I thought I’ll show you a photo of the three of us – Mommy, Daddy, and Zoey.

Thank you so much for the help, Gabi. We love you! Bye!