Hello my names Angelica and I just wanted to share with you my journey to pregnancy. As an older women I decided to have a baby and I knew that I had to get my body in absolutely prime condition to do that.
I decided to work with Gabriela and her fertility program which was absolutely amazing! It was wonderful working with Gabriela because I absolutely love her and not only that she understands the process so perfectly and we work together so well that by the end of the term my pregnancy I saw the difference between my first pregnancy and this one.

It was easy, I felt fantastic, I felt vital, I felt alive all the way through it and I knew I was giving my baby the best opportunity to grow and be health and strong. And she is. She’s now three and I’m thinking I’m going to have to have another one I know it’s a tough one but I’m going to work with Gabriela and I know I’ll get fantastic results. There’s just no other way