Hi my names Kate and this is Edison and Edison is seven weeks old and we tried to conceive Edison for seven, seven years it took us to conceive him.

We met and started to work with Gabriela about three years ago, I think it was 2011 because prior to that everything we had tried hadn’t worked. We had tried to do naturally ourselves, we had visited IVF previously so we decided that we wanted to see what we could do ourselves, naturally, and that’s when we came across Gabriela so we started to work with here

While all out tests came back normal Gabriela was able to identify that there were things that weren’t quite right with both myself, particularly with my thyroid and on Steve’s sperm, my husband’s sperm count.

So while the doctors said everything was fine Gabriela sort of showed us that things weren’t as good as they could be and so with her we went through her program and made a huge change to our lifestyle and overall health.

We both lost weight, we both improved all of our health and while the changes at times felt really hard and challenging, once you make them they just sort of become second nature in life. Now that I have this beautiful little boy in my arms most of the changes that we made I still haven’t gone back and changes so it’s just become a way of life for us I guess and we’re definitely much better off for it

So then we went to a different IVF agent specialist that Gabriela had recommended and we had a really, really successful experience there and I put that down to following Gabriela’s program and making all the changes to our health.

We did one cycle of injections, we got 16 eggs out of the first harvest and 4 were double AA blatocyts and Edison was the result of the second transfer we had and we still have his little brothers and sisters on ice to go back to, very soon

The message I would want to give to people out there is that there is hope, that if we can end up with a baby then anybody can. That it’s not always going to be an easy road but it is definitely worth it…

Gabriela was very good throughout the whole program, telling me that it would happen that we would end up with a baby and there were times where I didn’t believe her, where I thought it’s just never ever going to happen for us, but she was right, she’s right about everything

I guess if it was easy then you wouldn’t need to see Gabriela because everything would just happen easily for everybody else but it’s like anything, if you put in the effort you ultimately do get the reward.

And working with her was easy. OK, she’s not one of these therapists and her whole practice is not set up that way. It’s not hard and it’s not awkward or uncomfortable going to see her or any of the other therapists that are in her practice.

They are all just really completely understanding and caring and they genuinely want to help you and want to see you end up with a little baby in your arms. So if you’re having second thoughts, don’t, just go it’ll be the best thing that you ever did